Closed-circuit television or CCTV is also referred as video surveillance. It involves   using video cameras for transmitting a signal to a particular location on a limited number of monitors. The signal is not openly transmitted despite employing point to point, point to multipoint or mesh wireless links. This service is utilized mostly at banks, casinos, airports, military installations etc. Call us here 041 012 5015

Why CCTV Security systems ?

The CCTV systems are mainly used for monitoring an event or the functioning of employees in an organization. CCTV installation services are also available in an advanced form involving digital video recorders. Additional features like motion detection. Email alerts, decentralized CCTV cameras equipped with megapixel sensors are also available.

cctv and alarm systems Port Elizabeth

Many people end up purchasing CCTV cameras from lesser known CCTV companies. The images transmitted by these surveillance cameras look clear during the day.  But during the night, you will only find a white spot in the centre of the screen. Using low quality security cameras or CCTV systems could prove to be detrimental, when some unwanted incident actually occurs.

The following options in terms of security cameras or security camera systems should be considered while getting a CCTV solution:

  • Higher the camera resolution or TVL the better the image clarity.
  • Night Vision feature should be considered, if there is a great need for night surveillance.
  • Indoor/Outdoor CCTV camera should be installed depending upon the location of installation.
  • Wiring should be as concealed as possible.
  • Power supply should have a backup mechanism.

CCTV system or CCTV installation

In simple security systems, you will get a live picture on the monitor. But the facility of recording will not be available. High quality CCTV installations will offer DVR with a surveillance hard drive for viewing and recording footage. The DVR could be attached to a monitor or HD television screen for seeing the images. The cameras are attached to the DVR by using cables.

In case the network cable connects the DVR to a router, the DVR can be viewed through internet. Using this technology you can keep an eye on what is happening in your home or office on a Smartphone, laptop or personal computer. You can enjoy remote access to all the features of the DVR.


We offer the following service for CCTV Installation in Port Elizabeth:

  • Private houses – In case a security alarm system is triggered, you can quickly check what is happening.
  • Corporate Buildings- By using CCTV installer services at corporate buildings, you can reduce the number of guards and ensure high level security.
  • Restaurants and shops – By using CCTV installations, the owners of eateries in Port Elizabethcan catch defaulters and enhance their profits.
  • Factories- The workers will keep this in mind that they are being constantly monitored and their production will increase.
  • Hotels- At the leading hotels of Port Elizabeth, which are visited by celebrities or elite class people, the security camera system would be extremely useful.

We are among the leading CCTV and Alarm companies in Port Elizabeth. We are best known for our CCTV installation in Port Elizabeth and Alarm installation in Port Elizabeth. Our company is the a leading security camera installer in Port Elizabeth.  The advantages of hiring our services are:

  • We will ensure right positioning of the cameras.
  • The wires will be hidden wherever possible.
  • There will be no exposed and unprotected cables.
  • Conduits and mounting boxes will be used smartly.
  • We can help in integrating various systems like cash registers, alarms, electric fences etc.
  • Our services are extremely cost-effective in comparison to our competitors in Port Elizabeth.


Why Home Security Alarm System ?

Our company also offer alarm systems or alarm installation in Port Elizabeth. After hiring our security alarm systems, you will not have to fear for burglars breaking in to your house at night. Our Alarm installer company in Port Elizabeth offer high quality security alarms for both commercial and residential purposes. With the rising crime rate in Port Elizabeth, these alarms are absolutely essential. We offer excellent customer care services and charge reasonable remuneration. Our alarm systems also contain the option of radio SIM card ad on. Please not we also offer all types of DStv installation services in PE.

Those interested in availing our CCTV installation in Port Elizabethor Alarm installation in Port Elizabeth, Contact Us.