There are many people who have had unsavoury experiences with DSTV installations, Port Elizabeth DSTV has put the most commonly asked questions into our FAQ section so that new clients can see for themselves what sets us apart from other DSTV installation companies. Call us here 041 012 5015.

Question: What is the time frame for you to respond to voicemail, calls and emails?

A maximum of 24 hours on business days.  The technicians here are often busy on roofs or with clients, but we have dedicated support staff who attend to all voicemails, emails and telephone calls daily.

If you send us an email or leave a voicemail on a weekend or public holiday the support staff will respond to you on the next business day.  We also has an emergency contact line for all our clients so if you need to get hold of the accredited Ellies installer over a weekend or public holiday you will be able to do so.

Question: Do you supply second hand decoder and/or dish?

Absolutely not!  Port Elizabeth DSTV is an accredited Ellies installer, we only supply brand new equipment at ALL times.  If you have placed an order with us and we happen to be out of stock at the time, we will notify you that we are out of stock and arrange to attend to your DSTV installation at a later date after new stock has arrived.

The professional DSTV technicians will be able to provide assistance to anyone who needs their DSTV installed, but if you have bought your own decoder and dish there will be no warranty or guarantee on the equipment we have been hired to install.  We prefer to provide the equipment as we gurantee that it is brand new and will not cause any problems.

Question: Who tests the picture after the installation?

We do!  Many clients have had the experience where other technicians have installed their DSTV and then left the premises, leaving them to test the picture and clean up.

The accredited Ellies installer from Port Elizabeth DSTV will install your DSTV, repair your DSTV and then TEST the installation and the picture to ensure that it is working to your satisfaction before leaving your property.

Question: Do you clean up after installing?

Most definitely YES!  All our DSTV installers will make sure that the property is left in an orderly manner.  We ensure that everything is neat and tidy before we leave.

We do not want any of our clients to be dissatisfied with our level of professionalism or the work provided, and we believe that every client appreciates that we show our respect and that we value the client by making sure that your property is clean before we leave.

Question: How long do you take to do an installation?

It is not possible to give an exact time for any particular installation as there could be problems which arise during the installation, but we can assure you that the qualified DSTV installer will not leave your property until your installation has been completed and you are 100% happy that everything is working correctly.

Port Elizabeth DSTV has a large team of accredited installers who will remain on your property until the installation has been completed, even if they have to work over time to complete your installation.

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