Many people wonder what is so important about having their DSTV installation in Port Elizabeth attended to by a proper DSTV installer, they are of the opinion that installing their DSTV is just attaching the satellite dish to the house and plugging everything in, but the reality is that the DSTV installation is a lot more complicated than that, and without the correct knowledge and experience you could be battling with your DSTV installation for days. Call us here  041 012 5015.

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Depending on the type of DSTV package you have purchased and the TV viewing habits of your household you will need to purchase specific equipment, while some technicians will be able to install your satellite they might not have the required knowledge or experience to install your type of decoder or to handle the possible problems that could arise during your installation.

Why do you need a qualified DSTV installer?

A qualified DSTV installer has the necessary experience and training to handle all the different types of DSTV setups including different decoders such as the explora or HD PVR as well as the various steps that are required to ensure that your IActon installation is successful.

The team of professional DSTV installers from Port Elizabeth are also accredited Ellies installers, so you can be guaranteed of professional, efficient service and that our technicians will get your DSTV installation completed as quickly as possible.

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Regardless of the reasons for your decision to get DSTV installed in your home, there are a variety of different packages that you can choose from which you can tailor to your households specific viewing requirements and allow you to open up the world of opportunity with a few extra channels to entertain yourself, your friends and your family.

Points to remember for your DSTV installation

Although the purchase of your DSTV package could be as simple as going into your nearest branch and purchasing the package of your choice, there are some things that you need to bear in mind to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your DSTV package and purchase.

Shop around for specials, but make sure that you find out when the special will end and what the regular price will be so that you can decide whether or not you can afford the regular price.

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Once you have bought your chosen DSTV package you will need to source a company that is able to provide you with the service of installing your DSTV equipment and setting up your DSTV to your liking.  It is important that you find a company that has a team of accredited Ellies installers who are able to attend to your entire DSTV installation in PE.

The team of DSTV installers at Port Elizabeth DSTV have the required knowledge and experience with installing all types of DSTV setups.

Save money on your DSTV purchase

Although the price of DSTV packages are pretty much the same, there are still ways you can save on your DSTV installation and purchase.  The most effective way to save some money on your new DSTV purchase is to shop around for your DSTV installer, there are a range of companies that provide DSTV installation services in Port Elizabeth.

Setup & Align a Satellite Dish – How To

IActon is an accredited Ellies installation company in Port Elizabeth that provides the service of installing all types of DSTV setups at an affordable price, we also cover all areas within Port Elizabeth and our DSTV technicians have extensive experience with all DSTV decoders and troubleshooting.

Understanding DSTV decoders

There are a few different DSTV decoders available on the market, each decoder is designed to accommodate specific viewing styles and household requirements, but understanding which decoder is best for your household can be tricky.  Read through our brief explanations on the most popular choices in decoder and make an informed decision on the type of DSTV decoder your house hold needs.

The HD PVR Decoder

The HD PVR decoder allows your house hold to watch multiple DSTV channels at once.  So long as you have more than one TV in your house, you can prevent all arguments on what to watch with the HD PVR decoder.

The team of DSTV installers at Port Elizabeth DSTV have the required knowledge and experience to install the HD PVR decoder in a timely manner so that your entire household can start watching their preferred channels as soon as possible.  For a DSTV installation with a HD PVR decoder that is hassle free, contact IActon.

The HD PVR Decoder

The single view decoder

A single view decoder is the standard decoder that is issued with DSTV packages, it is perfect for the household that only has one TV, or single people.  Instead of spending extra money on more expensive decoders when you do not need the additional features, you can save some money with the single view decoder.

Although the single view decoder is not a complicated decoder, you will still need the expertise of a professional DSTV installer to install your single view decoder successfully, luckily the team at Port Elizabeth DSTV is able to install all types of decoders at an affordable rate.

The extra view decoder

An extra view decoder allows you to record one program while you are out or while you are watching another program.  Another great feature of the extra view decoder is that you can watch what you have recorded on one TV while another member of your household watches what they want to watch on another TV.

The extra view decoder has become one of the most popular models of DSTV decoder available.  To provide your DSTV viewing pleasure to your entire household without any delay, contact the accredited Ellies installers at Port Elizabeth DSTV.

the explora decoder

The explora decoder

If money is not a problem, then the latest in technology and features is a great solution for your DSTV decoder.  The explora decoder has a range of additional features, but many people find that the price of this decoder is not suitable for their budgets.

The explora decoder is more complicated to install successfully, so you will need to hire a professional DSTV installer from IActon to ensure that your explora decoder is installed correctly and provide your household with their DSTV viewing pleasure in a timely manner.

Installing your aerial

Many people still want to watch some of the programs that are on local TV stations, like 7de Laan, so you will need to keep your TV aerial and have the DSTV installer set your DSTV and local stations up to work seamlessly together, where you can simply flick a button to a specific channel on your TV and have your favourite local or DSTV programs display without any issues.  Port Elizabeth DSTV has a team of DSTV installers who have extensive experience in making sure that both local TV stations and DSTV installations work seamlessly together.

Alignment of the LNB

It is very important that your LNB is aligned correctly during your DSTV installation, else you can experience difficulty with your picture or audio on your DSTV and local TV channels. The LNB is a device that stops any noise from travelling along the cable from the dish to your TV, making the picture and audio of your favourite DSTV show clear and audible.

lnb installation for new satellite

The team of accredited installers at Port Elizabeth DSTV are fully capable of installing your DSTV and ensuring that your LNB is correctly aligned so that you do not experience any difficulty with your picture or audio from your DSTV.

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